Flight of the Oscillator

by Jupiter's Incense

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    releases 02 September 2014

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The Great Exodus
White Gloves
Among the Rats
Without End
I'll Be Damned
Master Collider I: No Disintegrations
Master Collider II: A Life in the Dark
Master Collider III: Contortion
Master Collider IV: The Call of the Void


releases 02 September 2014

Jupiter’s Incense is:
Will Gardner // Guitar, Vocals
Todd Pope // Drums
Jody Wolford // Guitar, Vocals
Michael Zimmerman // Bass, Vocals

All music by Jupiter’s Incense
All lyrics by Will Gardner & Michael Zimmerman
Guest Vocals on “Reaper Crew” by Aaron Crotts and D.J. Wood
Samples in “Reaper Crew” taken from Sir Ian McKellen’s reading of Sir Thomas More, a play written by Anthony Munday, Henry Chettle, William Shakespeare, and others.

Mixed and produced by Will Gardner
Recorded at Agamemnon Studios
Artwork, design, and layout: Will Gardner, Michael Zimmerman, and Kenny Wells

Jupiter’s Incense would like to thank:
Joseph Little, Aaron Crotts, D.J. Wood, Cole Sweat, Philip Laughlin, Robby Evans, Dennis Looze, Cory Evans, Tyler C. Key, Kayla Leemkuil, Anna Tracy, Candy Phelps, Daniel Irving, Jack Thomasson, Kenny Wells, Douglas Nash, Josh Moon, Doug Mendez, Chris Glatt, Eric Schar, Nathan Roberts and the Drowsy Poet, The Schoolhouse Venue, our families, friends, and loved ones, and you.




all rights reserved


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Track Name: Reaper Crew
We cast our bodies to the ground
In expectation we waited with breath all but baited
In the slowness of evening’s decline
‘Found ourselves as the motives
The victims of hatred and spite

The cogs that turn your design
A wretched tourniquet
Corruption seeps from the wound

Stand your ground in this misdirection
And through the wasted ages a fire rages
Stand your ground in this disaffection
Free from the bonds and cages, a fire rages

You got the best of me, I’ll take what’s left of you
You got the best of me but I can see right through your disguise
You got the best of me, they’ll find what’s left of you
You got the best of me, what’s left of me is haunting you

Within the quickening heat our veins align with the beat
The smoky silhouette of what we were before the defeat
Smothered in lines that you fed, bathed in the blood that we bled
The wake we leave behind: a catalyst to stand your ground

Weakness affording power harbored in the sands of disbelief
Clutching the shadows of Europa
A distant memory of what we were before the defeat
The Faceless Alchemist we hoped for