Æon of Humanity I - The Heliograph

by Jupiter's Incense

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released April 21, 2017

Jupiter's Incense is:
Will Gardner • Guitars, Vocals
Todd Pope • Drums
Cole Sweat • Keys, Vocals
Jody Wolford • Guitars, Vocals
Michael Zimmerman • Bass, Vocals

Music by Jupiter's Incense
Lyrics by Will Gardner & Michael Zimmerman
Guest Vocals by Philip Laughlin
Samples in "The Baron in the Tower" taken from Sir John Hurt's reading of William Shakespeare's Sonnet 147

Mixed and produced by Will Gardner

Recorded at Agamemnon Studios
Artwork by Matt Slay
Design and layout by Will Gardner

Jupiter's Incense thanks our families, friends, and you.

Dedicated to Eric Schar


all rights reserved



Jupiter's Incense Lynchburg, Virginia

Jupiter's Incense is a progressive rock band operating out of Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Track Name: The Baron in the Tower
Well, I'll be damned!
Is this the time that I admit perverted motives to a crime that I have yet to commit?
May I be justified commiserating or creating all the reasons you're no longer alive
And will I answer my own prayers, or be stuck splitting every hair?
I mean to cast aside the veil!

Swimming through excuses
Clinging to a sharpened ledge
Nullified abuses
The smell of ozone fills the air
And the baron in the tower, fearing the jury on the stair
Has locked me in his quarters

Tied to this silver chair!
And with no ax to grind -
Struggle to lessen all the needful things I've done
With biting cords still tightening around my heart
The ghost of disbelief will slick the spear of the untrue

Found a taste for all you've given me
Ammo in the chamber of this forced analogy
Fell right in hole I dug for everyone to see
Leave this grave unmarked and bleach my name with apathy
You left me

Every time I put a pen to the page
I'm always silenced by a single question
“How can I do you justice with this written word?”
And it's not for a lack of wanting;
It is the nature of a boundless love
I will do right by you
Track Name: Ancient Obelisk
Redact any trace of the human blight
Keen in all your clever designs
This skeleton malign
A wraith of reckless ire

“I've felt the pull this hate allows!
I am the hurt built just to keep you out!”

A rot of birdsong forms your lies
The ink scabbing on the edge of your knife
In this seek we place our find
The bleached mask you lurk behind

Obfuscate the nature of our youth
The echoes whisper of the stifled truth
You are the picture of him; the “Great Altruist”
Your will: a sagging mortar in this empire of broken bricks

Signal fires will light our way
Their smoke flirting with the ancient decay
Here, beneath the milky way
Our past we face to slay

Pray for a way out of this
Before we're walled inside your Ancient Obelisk

“Your eyes will feed the crows!
Ground between my teeth and mechanical bones!”
Because sticks and stones may break this throne.
Track Name: Circadian Rhythm
"Please, stay with me..."

Born of the needle that joined your taste to my name
Is your pain the only weight you'd have me bear?
Come, deface your progeny
Mind and heart, sword and sheath
In the narrows of my bones, where courage sleeps

I can't save us from the daeva inside you
Offer myself in place of what you'd surely have me do
Never a savior, but it's the standard I will bear
To tempt a liar’s favor

Dispute not their claims of an “afterlife”
Where only the willing
Speak of a future undermined by mortal illusion
I face my grave damning the ease of surrender
Verisimilar defeat

Ever the Haunted One
Twisted in your corpse
Wearing the skin like a cancer
Abyssal arbiter to all I’ve lost
“The earth will shake!!”

Demoness, my demoness

Healer - stolen in your form
At most... feel the air gone wrong
Carried it with you, buried in the salt that knits your wounds
When reality unravels
You’d crawl from this
Track Name: The Heliograph
Our lasting hope was lost at sea
Mourning stars giving way to skies of misery
To cure this broken little race
We’d need a fix stronger than anything -
And everything, you gave.
I am ignited; illuminate the air in effigy
Dearly departed, bequeath to us the wisdom that we seek

I found new purpose in your wake
Benighted as we were
Fleeing the provenance we’d made
But the wolves wait at the door
How will I circumvent your ghost
When I’m longing for the undertow?

Save your breath, contextualize a sense of self-control
Lay to rest the feelings I so long for you to know

You’d have me only for yourself
But the ending for my odyssey exists with someone else
A pendulum weighted with lust (rust, trust)
Every revolution made; another ransom left in dust

Come as a beggar or a thief
Beg, cheat, or steal to ease your need
For a temporary hush to the loudness of this love
Deliver us
Deliver us.

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