Beyond Earth

by Jupiter's Incense

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In loving memory of Eileen B. Beckman


released June 14, 2011

All music written, arranged and recorded by Will Gardner except "The Maw" and "Corsair".

"The Maw" - Lead guitar written and recorded by Holden Haddock

"Corsair" - Lyrics & vocals arranged and recorded by Jody Wolford and Will Gardner



all rights reserved


Jupiter's Incense Lynchburg, Virginia

Jupiter's Incense is a progressive rock band operating out of Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Track Name: Djentro
O, come all ye faithful
To the cause we left behind
This I know will come to pass
(You can't hide from what you've done
You can't just step away from the end begun)
Like thieves we take what we can
Give nothing back
(These machines will take command
We are the fools once known as man)

O, come now before me
Assemble this wicked design
Track Name: Docking Bay 94
In the loss of ground we strive to become the maker
Go west young man, face down your fears tonight

I used to know your face
And loved the way it felt;
Your name on my tongue
There's no going back
To the way it was before
And learn to love, I'll learn
I'll learn.

The rest comes easy with pride and insurrection
As cities burn to thirst, the coffers flow with gold

I'll show you fear
This walk of lions
Climb the throne
Track Name: Beyond Earth
I can’t get away from this feeling of ineptitude
Disengaged from the road that runs ahead
The heavy heat lays choice on what you’ve said
Always second guessing me

The masses gather ‘round the feast
Pick your poison; you are what you eat
Finished were their hopes of change
Look down the line and notice it’s all the same

Have you your weapons?
Have you a concept of the beauty that was carved in stone?
Will you make choices?
Or will you be blinded by the fear and doubt of what you don’t know?

Empires razed, flinging bodies on the pyres
Stroke the egos, spark the fires
This is a call to arms to a nation deceived
Now, on my mark, men!
Follow my lead!!!
Track Name: Fear In Time
Skin taut over lethargic bones
I'm see-through, hollow, without license
A fish out of water
A house without walls

Do I push power or sleep?
Knees weak with exhaustion
The page turns and December rolls in
Whispered tongues through the keyhole

Of back porch betrayals
And his signature read, “Time”
Fear in time

You need not fear the little things
The battles lost and won
Our hearts still whole in the end
We made loneliness a friend

So bless the dust,
Let faith light your way through time
Faith in time
Track Name: She Who is All
And the note was signed; “With love,”
A salute to the brave
For the secrets kept and the memories made
You can't hold it any closer
Did it make you any stronger?
This gravity...

Not too old to feel
Just too young to care
The savored reveal:
This is love not despair

Change me,
Take this mask and erase
What I can't understand-
Who you really are
Beneath the skin
The touch of our bodies:
She who is all

Come and see the brazen!
Come and see the damned!
Judge the unbeliever
Play into his hands
She is just a candle
Faltering the flame
You were my sunrise
Time and time again

Beneath the weight of star-shot skies
I watched the moon set
In the sea of your eyes

The scene: replayed illusions
A cast of desperate hearts
Then, now, and after

What is now has been before
And will be again
Track Name: Earthshaker
Do you know who I am?
Bringer of thunder from the west
Bask in midnight’s summer light
Dim shapes and colors

This rain is heroin;
Clawing, stinging
Again and again
Wall me in
Grim chagrin like liquid glass

Should we question the future?
Forgive the past?

Searching souls, the forever sleep
Behind the doors the low men creep
Get a fix, get so high
Shifty can’t tell ground from sky

No one can save you but yourself
Chemical crossfire lights up
And drags you out
Finding excuses in self-made necessity
Track Name: Cloudshapes
Track Name: Loss
How true was our fight?
So long, now caring less for this ache
Less for this ache
But it keeps dragging me down
Beneath the surface will I drown?
Grace; the poor man's looking glass
This taste of fear won't be the last

Upturned faces
Wind and rain and hurtful places
Earth and stone, flesh and bone
Finding a way back to our beginning

So pure, the lover's guilt
Anchor our hearts deep in this sea
So please let me be
But we chose the land for the stars!
The give and take; our hidden scars!
And what is worth us dying for?
I don't want to run anymore

Track Name: Corsair
Reaching for some consolation
We gave no pause for consequential actions
Build for us a god!!!

I know we'll pay for this in blood
These walls won't sanctify our souls
We end you tonight

I'm taking back the lives you stole
I'll take command before this breaks asunder
Deny your prophets
Affixed to this concept of "truth"
The rich make wagers as the beggars they refused

Creating a vision we trust
Alone, violence conquers our hearts
Forgive us for this hurt
Forgive us
Climbing faster with purpose forgotten
We inch towards our goal
A road with no direction
Split down the center

Steeped in pride we march on the free world
Still pretenders acting on pretenses white as snow
Disallowing all

And with them came the rain
A vengeful tide to mark this devastation
See them pray as martyrs leap towards abomination
I will judge
I would damn you all
But you have damned yourselves

And with this machine they will level the world
And with this machine I will undo my world
This machine.
Track Name: Stargazer
Remember what you used to be?
One look into your past
Covet the marks mistakes have made
This chisel to life's stones

So lost this far from home
Oh God, we're not alone

Look and see the ruin
Sprawled across what once was proud
(Days gone by)
Hope for peace; deliverance from ourselves
But it's beyond earth to bow

You can't hide what you've said to me
And these lies won't drown the facts
Promised a sea of sympathies
You are one more snake in the grass

Did we think this through?

(You think you could just walk back here
After what you've said?
After what you've done?
I ought to kill you where you stand, boy.
I ought to set your world ablaze.)