The Act and Art of Breathing [2011]

by Jupiter's Incense

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Originally written and recorded in late 2007/early 2008.


released June 10, 2011

All lyrics and music written/recorded by Jupiter's Incense.



all rights reserved


Jupiter's Incense Lynchburg, Virginia

Jupiter's Incense is a progressive rock band operating out of Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Track Name: Fly
Where have you been?
Where have you been this time?
There’s no waking language
No speaking tongues
No words to fumble with
To describe you, my love

I’d swim any river
Climb any tree
Give anyone anything
Just for you to be with me
So take my hand
Close your eyes
And we’ll fly
Track Name: From Remembrance (Through Innocence)
I’m spinning in a river
With oars about my head
A vessel, independent
From the fears that I’ve been fed

My course long since forsaken
Just a child lost at sea
And when they have forgotten
Would you still remember me?

I’ve followed many headings
A compass rose of lies
But in the end I found, deep down
I’d rather sit and glide

The letters that you wrote me
Tucked safely at my side
And with them, nature’s blessing
Leaves me nothing

On this innocence in bliss
Just my thoughts and fears
And time enough to reminisce

The clouds have all but faded
And the surf begins to swell
My worries gone, I’ll wait for
What the dawn has to tell

A sky of many colors
Like embers in the dark
The misty silence broken
By the wind as I depart

Regardless of what outcome
My heart still beats for us
It’s time to pick the path
I walk tonight…

The crush of sand beneath me
I’ve waited so long for shore
And the chance for me to say
I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you
But I’ve got to move on
Track Name: Hawk Eye
Dearest in eyes
Forest of visuals
Affections denied
Ember essence lullaby
And lay there tonight
Action and reaction
Slither tension

Rock-a-bye stutter fly
Why, Amber, why?
Soaring lower, ever faster
Into this untwisting madness

If you piece a petty puzzle
Could you stand on your own, tonight?
When you’re swayed by the letter
Should we both call it quits to this fight?
But in southern economics
Our stock’s losing value so fast
Sarcastic republic why don’t we just breath, tonight?

Blink and stare, awake
Out on the down,
Our temperature’s long since
Past it’s boiling point

Softer sickened summers
Could you fall any lower?
Ever-shining passage
Thinking thoughts of rebellion
You drive a heavy bargain
But such actions betray you
Hawk, diving hawk
Track Name: Pylons
Before I break here on the evening
Let a young man speak his mind
We’ve past the point of dour solace
In the nature of our crimes
Against what could have been prevented
The cast of coin could get so far
Cut to the crawling on the morrow
Without the batting of an eye

Cry on, Infidel Omniscient
At my right hand lays mother earth
Let your flock run wild this dream
How the daylight would comfort

Call me caustic and I’ll burn right through your tongue!!!
But in short, I still find joy in haunting you
Now the fisher can’t quite catch the wry
The able-bodied press of your mankind

I refuse to be spoon-fed your lies
When downwind from sacrilege falls, stutter-step aside
Like casting your line in the wind
You’re sure to land sour along the riverbank
Lurking there among the reeds
Is Satan dressed in sheep’s clothing
Should he find your clock still ticking
Remember all you always left behind

Soon the dawning word will realize
What sickness builds inside its walls
Their bibles cannot prize
Track Name: Larksong
Ivory - These bones that once lived
Alongside the gray-faced
Wretched as they came for me
The eyes hold calling for every man
Who missed that sparkle
Tenderly; the kiss of cold barrel
Just below the nape of neck
So plead with me
Beg for my mercy
You’ve run unchecked atop my coffin door
Nailed right in with the rest of them
You’re no better
The night rides black in your heart
Can’t you hear them calling
You’re no better

Could we just get over this?
Ensnarement that breeds recklessness
I’ve sprung the trap of bitter tempt
On forty nights stretched ‘cross these fields
Bitter is the man who reaps no blessing
Still found among them are those with hope
I send you alone; to mend what has been broken
Inept in task, still young in feeling
Elixirs drank to your good health
The ash off your cigarette falls
Catching, it begins to glow

The clocks I keep tick-tock as one
As the greater of them toll
But you’ve guessed my number
Crowned my crime
The Down will never
Carelessly walk alone

Across lunacy
The badger hunts here, tonight!
When reality unravels
Pictures, but so maddening
Oh, you’d crawl from this
Track Name: Of Knife Fights and Hypocrites
I’m sick of false pretenses
And the fashion show of endless smiles
Of hair dye and facial piercings that line your face
They line your face

I’m so exhausted by the bigotry
Two-facedness and hypocrisy
The utter lack in self-respect
That underlines the means to live

Properly outside of a shell
Where the sun casts her crooked gaze
And people smile and exchanged words
Of meaning, not loathing

I long for a reality
In which the only flags you fly
Are bleached with the colors
You keep locked inside
The scapegoat you only wish you could be.

They say the grass is always greener
On the other side, despite the fact
That where I walk it’s always just the same
Plastic faces and lengthy cheekbones

And that acrid smell of decaying truth
Is only rivaled by the stench
Of your fickle narcissistic cardboard “skills”
Track Name: Spyglass
Turn the lights out
Cross the X's, dot the I's
That pierce his side
Listen to that sinking
Heartbeat, laying there
She's terrified

Pick yourself up
Erase the bloodstain
From the corner of your mouth
Blinking back a bitter flow
Of emotion, left unfelt

There is nothing
Nothing you can hide

Departed subtle mirror glance
I breathe my last
While your hand encloses mine
Only mere hours bleed the stories
Retold from the spyglass

When the thunder strikes the evening
The light of daylight slowly fades
A passing chill of foreboding
As we dig and mark each grave

Against the onslaught of emotion
Raise your fist and hold it high
This is the hour of devotion
No time to blink; it's time to die

There is nowhere
No where that we can hide

Assailing thoughts that dither and distort
When scorched they glow like incense, rising

Hold on to the ones you love

You'd call me a liar, but
I found your secret
Lying in our bed
Breaking heartfelt tendencies
I bled this fable
Of the spyglass
Track Name: The Light Fantastic
The light fantastic
Sprung from coachman’s sheath
Can’t catch the train north today
All eyes on the causeway
That bridge to a softer time
Please hurry, there can be no delay

Shifty shifter, moonlit dancer
The inner essence shines in desperate measure
Lonely lover, bright-eyed stranger
Looking past the imperfections

Call upon the blacksmiths
Fueling faster fires
Forging scripts wrought gracefully
Battles ever broaden
Sullen soldier of the nightlife
Brings his lion's heart to bear

These shifts we pilot
Strive to change the earth
Beneath our ragged finger tips
So who’s to argue?
Present hidden motives
In the space where shadows play

What have I become?
What have we become?

Broken, abandoned
Gone, but not forgotten
Sinner, betrayer
Biting back the bullets
Through his eyes I see
A better side of me
And hope springs eternal
Track Name: Light-Fingered Contempt
Shame, shame, shame, shame
So you’ve twisted fate’s fell rope again
Black tangles dance in light spilled from the earth
I came this far as nothing more
Than a sorry failure from the shore
A sparrow’s flight from dogged dissonance

But would you take this favor?
And run it through my hands
Oh no, lock and load!
I am no son of father
Lay waste to what we’ve grown
Oh no, lock and load!

How coarse a litany
Scrawled crimson along these walls
There is no hero to back this story book
Well here is your hero giving back what you took