Flight of the Oscillator

by Jupiter's Incense

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released September 2, 2014

Jupiter’s Incense is:
Will Gardner // Guitar, Vocals
Todd Pope // Drums
Jody Wolford // Guitar, Vocals
Michael Zimmerman // Bass, Vocals

All music by Jupiter’s Incense
All lyrics by Will Gardner & Michael Zimmerman
Guest Vocals on “Reaper Crew” by Aaron Crotts and D.J. Wood
Samples in “Reaper Crew” taken from Sir Ian McKellen’s reading of Sir Thomas More, a play written by Anthony Munday, Henry Chettle, William Shakespeare, and others.

Mixed and produced by Will Gardner
Recorded at Agamemnon Studios
Artwork, design, and layout: Will Gardner, Michael Zimmerman, and Kenny Wells

Jupiter’s Incense would like to thank:
Joseph Little, Aaron Crotts, D.J. Wood, Cole Sweat, Philip Laughlin, Robby Evans, Dennis Looze, Cory Evans, Tyler C. Key, Kayla Leemkuil, Anna Tracy, Candy Phelps, Daniel Irving, Jack Thomasson, Kenny Wells, Douglas Nash, Josh Moon, Doug Mendez, Chris Glatt, Eric Schar, Nathan Roberts and the Drowsy Poet, The Schoolhouse Venue, our families, friends, and loved ones, and you.




all rights reserved


Jupiter's Incense Lynchburg, Virginia

Jupiter's Incense is a progressive rock band operating out of Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Track Name: Reaper Crew
We cast our bodies to the ground
In expectation we waited with breath all but baited
In the slowness of evening’s decline
‘Found ourselves as the motives
The victims of hatred and spite

The cogs that turn your design
A wretched tourniquet
Corruption seeps from the wound

Stand your ground in this misdirection
And through the wasted ages a fire rages
Stand your ground in this disaffection
Free from the bonds and cages, a fire rages

You got the best of me, I’ll take what’s left of you
You got the best of me but I can see right through your disguise
You got the best of me, they’ll find what’s left of you
You got the best of me, what’s left of me is haunting you

Within the quickening heat our veins align with the beat
The smoky silhouette of what we were before the defeat
Smothered in lines that you fed, bathed in the blood that we bled
The wake we leave behind: a catalyst to stand your ground

Weakness affording power harbored in the sands of disbelief
Clutching the shadows of Europa
A distant memory of what we were before the defeat
The Faceless Alchemist we hoped for

Track Name: White Gloves
Spread our wings, take to the sky
An escape we’ll make, into night we’ll fly
From the ache of where we've been and what we've left behind
Buried beneath the leaves - a chamber of rust
Long gone is the intrigue, all promises hushed
What strength do I need to bury all your deceit?

But can you trust yourself to find a more perfect shade of you?
‘Cause here and now there is nothing you won’t do for you
You only trust yourself

Louder now, and desperately
A tattoo my heart, I am the word that bleeds
And as evening sheds her tears, will she beckon you?
Buried in misery and written in dust
And what of the intrigue, or the years you crushed?
I’ll find what strength I need to bury all my defeat

Your easy words to see me through
An anxious heart, this coat of arms
And after all is done and said
Your gloves so white now stained with red
Do you trust yourself?
Track Name: Among the Rats
We found the ghost of fevered dreams
Stalking the path that you left behind
The wreckage we piled high against the splintered skyline
Within this fracture we exist; the progeny of your disease
Damned as we open our eyes
We’ll drive you out

I’m falling faster into you
Hear their cry for, “War! Peace! Anything but trust!”
Spilling from their mouths: acid
With me, lay them face down to rest among the rats

Strengthened by this black nativity
The faceless quickly still all thought of what’s been done to me
Violate this stand, with pride beneath our feet
Stripped of all its color is a flag of irony

When will walls come down?
Broken space and sound

Throats ragged from their screams
I’ll violate the trust you placed in me
Can’t you hear their calling or see their heads held high?
Consider this fair warning, we free our bonds tonight
Track Name: Without End
I always said the stars aligned for us, now the constellations read
How could you be so sure that you’d seen the end of me?
Well, in the mire of war choosing sides is a luxury
That I can’t afford, I’m not the man I was before

I am designed by celestial winds, yet to their glory I won’t sing
While unbecoming, without my end you’d have no means
Could you spare us? No, please spare us

Wave goodbye! Shoulder the regret
We are who we are, who could ever forget?
So judge us, forsake us - you did your best to undo us
But I cannot, will not let this go
Track Name: Distance
Clever twisted little silhouettes in the ashen candlelight
Broken whispers, still remains
The fear inside of us; tangled in its nets, too preoccupied to breathe
The callous ghosts that we became
Find a meaning in the time we spent here waiting in the dark
Will the hope we seek be found?
Past the wreckage of our fragile hopes
The miles are only numbers, the words only sounds

The moon will rise to duel the night
And I will haunt the stars

Little sister, hide your dreams away from the darkness that you found
Shapeless shifters, heavy chains
We: the drifters on a voyage back to the place where we belong
They: the hunters and the slain

Through the airlock comin’ for you
As your veins give way to ice, pray your aim could still be true
Attention! Attention! All commands!
Attention all commands!

And we will rise to duel the night
A dream to haunt the stars
A spectral vision of the earth
Her face a sea of scars
The loneliness we birthed
Track Name: Spacebats
The cold black echo sending cracks down this skin
‘Round and ‘round he spins as their eyes lead the way
Even when you’re not okay, you’re not okay
Crushing all that lays beneath our tender hearts and clenching teeth
Nothing might persuade, you’re not okay
Even when you’re okay, you’re not okay

Don’t you wanna come play with me?
Abandon your fragile body
Don’t you wanna come play with me?
Abandon your sense of security
Track Name: I'll Be Damned
Don’t pretend your choices ever fought fair
We weren't dealt these hands
Suspended inhibitions made self-aware
Our moves discrete
And as your final hour nears
Will you question when your fortunes faded?

I am the King of Knives!
Silently seeking the subtle place beneath your jaw
I am your wasted time!
An estimation in weakness and resolve
Oh, the trap is baited
Your fortune faded

The sudden realization as your life seeps through your hands
Of all the cheap surrenders, could this be fear?
Well, I’ll be damned.
Track Name: Master Collider I: No Disintegrations
Floored by the insolence of outer space
Making our motives meet a dissonance
With arrogance, a pestilence smothered
Lay the track to our namesake, the same mistake
Convened on the lips of your influence
A vividness our thoughts caress, woven meticulously
Let the shadow enfold us
We plead to stay, but long to flee

Choke on the fright calcified
Darkness might revel in despair
Whispered prayers, losing air
Ignite us

Negative space, the “hello” of when brick meets face
Encircled like rabid hounds (they circle like hounds)
Should we fail, who would know?
Would you tell of our final salute?
Our saws on tyrannical roots
Projections of decay (our hope won't decay)
Gone our souls, void our home

O, come ye now for us
Assembled from wicked designs
But, in short I still find joy in haunting you, Shifty.

Flames and dark wings bear you home
Track Name: Master Collider II: A Life in the Dark
Drifting through a valley ageless
Mortal intent and jagged pages
Descending on this moon
They've breached the airlock

Pain! Fear! Wounded hope!
Safe days uncertain

Rising through the stars and conjured horizons
We put teeth to the mark
Becoming the lions in this fight for our lives
Track Name: Master Collider III: Contortion
Remove yourself from this charade in which you’re caught
Before the knife between your ribs names you betrayed
With sick resolve I saddled all those little things
The smoking barrel’s rise to the lips of tempted fate

With eyes of ivory crown this mockery
Thorns and scented flames
Track Name: Master Collider IV: The Call of the Void
Mark these words: I need to hear and see
Communication fill the sails of apathy
To end this disconnect verbose apostasy
Will you still raise the sails of apathy?
Still we muse the call of the Void

The consequence of what I’ve done
Lurking, pull at the strings
Martyr, the lasting belief that you could bleed my process
The beast laments
A remorse tarred black slips from the teeth
Wicked and mocking
We made a stand before the end!

Losing touch of who I was before
A passing lunacy
I long for an easy way out of this
To make sense of a life without hatred, or envy, or grief
I’ll resurrect this Hell that you would exact upon me
From the mouth of a Construct
Track Name: Oscillator
Is this the end-game we have reached?
With vision blurred and slurring speech
Am I your castaway Prophet of demise?
Drawing the slack in your lies with those chastened hands
Ha, ha, ha, “Care.”
Make our way back down!

Give me your hands so I may see the scars upon them
I love, I loath, but every human need not know
What hangs in the discord
Give me your hands so I may see

Taking back what you took from me.